About CRM development

Client Relationship Management or CRM is a product which is utilized to oversee association with the current and new clients. It utilizes innovation to enter, robotize, and to hold the information and aides in synchronizing and expanding deals, client administration, ordinary, and specialized help. It makes simple for a business to help record and deal with the customers'data or history. CRM tracks the clients' action at each point, records the history and request of procurement. It empowers cross or upselling by giving the authentic information, distinguishes the intended interest group for every item dependent on the buy history. It additionally builds the productivity of your business, successfully appropriate remaining burden, and to hold existing and new customers.

CRM Consulting Services

  • Product Planning & Evaluation
  • Proof of Concept (POC)
  • Social CRM & CRM Analytics
  • Sales & Marketing Planning
  • Customer Account Management
  • Intranet, IFD& Multi-Tenancy


  • Automating the entire sales process
  • Improving customer service
  • Salesforce automation and management
  • Tracking of sales leads and conversion rates
  • Effective lead generation and tracking tools
  • Automating the entire sales process


  • Global Rollouts & Management
  • New CRM Implementation
  • Reimplementation & Troubleshooting
  • FIT & GAP Analysis
  • Data Migration & Conversion
  • Effective Enterprise Data Management

Where To Find best CRM Solutions in India for Business?

ANG is a professional and reliable company to meet all your CRM needs. We develop all kinds of CRM software for your business that helps you to keep track of your customers and sales. Our CRM software solutions allow you to integrate the sales by providing a central platform which helps you in lead generation and expanding new horizons. We offer a wide range of industry specific CRM software development which enables you to view your business in a new way.